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Today Latest Current Affair - 25 January 2020

Today Latest Current Affair 

How many days for King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden begin their Indian tour?
Ans.       Five day
Who talks with their Swedish for the counterpart Ann Linde in New Delhi?
Ans.       EAMS Jaishankar
Under which mission, a nationwide and vaccination campaign was launched to prevent eight diseases?
Ans.       Intensive Mission Indradhanush (IMI) 2.0
Which society has been established to develop a system of ranking higher educational institutions in the country?
Ans.       India Ranking Society (IRS)
Who is the author of the ‘The Vault of Vishnu’?
Ans.       Ashwin sangha
Who was wins the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize?
Ans.       Tony Joseph
Who took over the C-N-C for these Andaman and Nicobar Command?
Ans.       Lieutenant General P. s. Rajeshwar
Who is became the first woman in the Indian Navy to fly a Dornier surveillance an aircraft?
Ans.       Sub-Lieutenant Shivangi
Who has released BSF‘s annual magazine ‘Borderman’?
Ans.       Minister of State for Home Nityananda Rai
When did the Lok for Sabha pass a bill to change the ordinance promulgated into September to reduce corporate tax rates?
Ans.       2 December 2019
How much did a rating agency for CRISIL reduce the GDP growth estimate for 2019-20 from the previous estimate of 6.3%?
Ans.       5.1%
When will the G20 leaders for the summit?
Ans.       21-22 November 2020
What do Indian and Sri Lankan forces start that Aundh military station in Pune?
Ans.       Exercise Friendly Strength-VII
Which state day does are Nagaland celebrate on December 1, 2019?
Ans.       57th
When is the 20th edition of the Nagaland Hornbill for Festival being held?
Ans.       1 to 10 December
Where is the 20th edition for these Nagaland Hornbill Festival being held?
Ans.       Naga Heritage Village of Kisama
Who took over a new Controller General for new Accounts (CGA)?
Ans.       Soma Roy Burman
Who took over this new chairman of the Kolkata-based Ordnance for a Factory Board (OFB)?
Ans.       Indian Ordnance Factories Service Officer (IOFS) Hari Mohan
When he was World AIDS Day celebrated?
Ans.       1 December
Who inaugurated for an India Pavilion at the International Book Fair in Mexico?
Ans.       MoS, HRD Sanjay Dhotre Guadalajara
Which country became the country for digitalizing the entire process for pilgrims?
Ans.       First
Who inaugurated the 13th South Asian Games?
Ans.       Bidya Devi Bhandari, President of Nepal
Who won the Kensville Open the Golf Tournament in Ahmedabad?
Ans.       Shamim Khan of Delhi
When did the 2019 Syed Modi International for Badminton Tournament conclude?
Ans.       December 1, 2019
Where will the best G20 leader’s summit?
Ans.       Riyadh
When is the United Nations for Climate Change Conference being held?
Ans.       2 to 13 December
When was the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery observed?
Ans.       2 December
Who was appointed as the new President of the Mauritius by the Parliament?
Ans.       Prithviraj Singh Rupan


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Today Latest Current Affairs - 12 January 2020

Today Latest Current Affairs 

Who is going to be the next Chief of the Indian Army? Ans.       Vice Chief Lieutenant General Manoj Mukund Narwane

Who won the DSC Award for his novel Bag Half the Night Gone for South Asian Literature 2019? Ans.       Amitabh Bagchi

Does Bangladesh celebrate its victory day which symbolizes its liberation from Pakistan? Ans.       49th\

Who was appointed the new CMD of National Aluminum Company Limited (NALCO)? Ans.       Shridhar Patra

When did the national outreach program GEM Samvaad launch? Ans.       17 December 2019

When did the Ministry of Railways organize the third edition of the Conference on Wagon Development for New Commodities? Ans.       19 December 2019

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